Left Column Text:

The text in this column is controlled by the style .leftcoltext. It is padded by 10 pixels to the left and right, but uses the same font as the main body text.


This text is in the style called Heading 1

The main 'normal' style for this page has been defined with the following attributes:

The font is defined as Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif. This means the Verdana font will be a browser's primary font choice. If Verdana is not installed the browser will display Arial, Helvetica or a sans-serif font.

The font size is defined to be 8pt
The page background color is defined as #191919, a dark grey color although this can be altered in Webstyle.


The background color in this column is defined as #e5e5e5, a light grey color this can also be altered in Webstyle.


The Links:

The link, visited link and mouse-over link color are also defined to be in keeping with the Theme colors of this page.

This paragraph is indented using the Text Indent button. In order to make indents work more like a word processor and to provide more spacing control, indents do not have added space above or below the paragraph. If you want to add a blank line, then press return twice.


Bulleted Lists:

Webstyle creates appropriate bullet graphics, in keeping with the style and colors used on this page.

  • This is a bullet item
  • This is another bullet item
  • Bullet lists do not have added space above or below
  • To create a blank space above or below enter a blank line


This text is in the style called Heading 2

The styles used in this web page have been defined so things act as you'd expect, in a predictable, word-processor like manner. If you press return it just moves to the next line and doesn't create an uncontrollable space above or below. To start a new paragraph then press Return twice.